History of Real People Homes

Our homes were developed from the dire need of an affordable home, of which the young, first-time buyer or the retiree on fixed income could qualify-one that would go up in value and be an asset in the future. Our research began over 10 years ago with two straw houses-too many problems. Then we went to adobe-too expensive. We were working with cinders when we discovered NASA's heat barrier. The light came on-why not use the new technology available?! First we had to find the materials that were compatible, wed them together into a house that would stand the perils of time, then test them against Mother Nature. Six hundred buildings later this has been accomplished. We didn't want to put "lipstick on a pig", but build a house from the inside out, one we could be proud of. This accomplished and 25 patents later, we now have the task of educating the public about the Home of the Future. Thank you from the overworked, real people of Real People Homes.