Components of Construction
Our homes feature a 100% masonry exterior, insulated steel exterior doors, insulated colonial grid windows, and 26
guage CF(concealed fastener)-Panel metal roofing. Air conditioning and heat are standard for year round comfort.
Concrete slab foundations (with 16" x 16" scoring) are available. Our homes are plumbed and ready for your
appliances and utility hookup.
Ceiling & Roof Interior and/or Exterior Applying Base Coats
Advantages Of Steel

  For years we have relied on the strength and durability of steel in commercial buildings, hospitals, and our schools.
  Now you can get the superior quality and safety of steel in your home at a price you can afford. A steel frame is
  significantly stronger than wood. In fact, it has the highest strength to weight ratio of any residential building material.
  Steel framing components are precision manufactured in a controlled environment so there are advantages that home
  owners, builders, and construction workers can still enjoy.
6" Steel Frame Steel Frame Gable Construction

   •Screwed-attatched components eliminate squeaks, nail pops, and resulting call backs for repairs.
   •Consistent dimensions mean straighter, stronger walls and floors.
   •Superior strength for longer floor spans and taller walls.
   •Cut-to-length material reduces in-field cutting and waste up to 75%.
   •Engineered performace designed to withstand hurricane and earthquake forces.

Polystyrene Insulation

  Our energy efficient homes feature one of the highest insulating packages you can buy. Five inches of polystyrene in
  every wall and roof panel along with N.A.S.A developed heat barrier on the roof insures the lowest possible utility bills
  of any home at any cost. The benefit of a more efficient insulation system is greater comfort with cost savings. The
  more efficient  our insulation system, the less we will need to spend on energy for heating and cooling. The greater the
  costs of energy, the  more important a total insulation system becomes. The EPS expandable polystyrene used in
  Real People Homes does not give out toxic fumes and is fire retardant.
5" Polystyrene Polystyrene Embedding Steel Frame

   •Polystyrene offers excellent long-term R-values.
   •The R-values of polystyrene insulation per unit thickness are superior to most alternative common insulation
     products of reasonable price.
   •For polystyrene more than other insulation foams, the R-value increases (ie. better insulation) for lower
   •Polystyrene can and has been used in applications as low as -170 degrees celcius.
   •Polystyrene has both high and uniform compressive strength, therefore, it has better resistance to sustained loads
     (compressive creep) than most alternatives.
   •Although there are increasing concerns about the stability of certain plastic foams in some applications,
     polystyrene has been used and tested extensively over 50 years and does not pose dimensional stability problems.
   •The cell structure of polystyrene enables it to resist all forms of water and moisture.

Reinforcing Mat

  A fire retardant reinforcing fabric mat is used on roof and wall construction. This non-allergic, proven, UL listed
  polypropylene fabric answers a long-standing need for a safer, easier-to-handle, lightweight fabric backing for sprayed
  on fire protective coatings. The composite mat and hardened cementitous coating makes up a tough, reinforced,
  protective fire barrier.
Rot And Fungus

  Buyers beware! A rare fungus is now on the rise in the southern United States called Poria. Poria has been detected 
  in more than 200 homes in California over recent years. It attacks the  wood framing members, sheathing, and trim so
  quickly and efficiently that it can destroy an entire home in less than  one year. Differing from more common fungi that
  require wet wood to feed, it actually creates its own efficient water  sourcing sytem that allows it to continue infecting
  wood even during the dry months of the year. "Once it's started,  it produces what are basically little hoses that will run
  down the side of the house or through the floor and outside  the house," said John Menge, a professor of plant 
  pathology at the University of California, Riverside. "It can do this  so efficiently, i've seen it rot out the roof of a house
  two stories from the ground." To get rid of the fungus, once  it is detected, is financially devastating to most home
  owners who have had to deal with it. The only way to eradicate  the fungus from the home is to tear down the infected
  areas and rebuild. Not only is this extremely expensive, but most  insurance claims made to date have been rejected.
  The good news is that poria does NOT attack steel framing. This is  one more point to make when you are selling or
  buying your steel framed home. You are safe in your home, without the  threat of termites or poria, and thats a fact.