Questions & Answers

Q: Can the buyer finish the home?
A: Yes, however, the shell must be setup as well as taped and floated by the dealer.

Q: How do you run the electricity in your homes?
A: Electricity is run in ENT conduit.

Q: Is Financing easy?
A: Yes, depending on the buyers credit.

Q: How do you hang pictures?
A: For twenty pounds or less we suggest a 4 1/2" nail at an angle, however,
    for heavier objects, we suggest 1 1/2" self tapping screws into a stud.
Q: How do you find studs?
A: If you do not have a stud finder, a magnet will help you locate the studs.

Q: What is the R-Value of your homes?
A: The roof has an R-Value of 50+. The walls have an R-Value of 24.

Q: What type of windows do you use?
A: Our standard windows are double-pane single-hung Low-E.

Q: What type of roof do your homes have?
A: Our homes have a 26 guage galvalume standing seam roof with concealed fasteners.

Q: Can your floorplans be customized?
A: Yes, to an extent.

Q: Do you build Garages?
A: Yes, we build fully insulated garages that can be transformed into a room.

Q: What type of floor does your home have?
A: A standard, scored, concrete slab that can be stained.

Q: Do you collect rain water?
A: Yes.